Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spring / Summer 2017 Workshops Schedule !

This year its all about getting back to basics !

email me & let me know what you would like !


 Make a Headboard !
 Chalk Painting Furniture !
 Basic Upholstery !
 Fun !

 What ? !!! You can Paint Brass with 
Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina 
Uhhhh,  YUP !!!!
 Paint Metal !
So Proud !!! Luv It ! Bedside table shown in 
Bluestone House™  "Driftwood"

Bringing back our favorite Home 101 !!!
Yep, that's right, Bluestone House™ will be hosting workshops that you have been asking for ...

Sewing 101 
Pillow making 101
Slip Covers 101
Upholstery 101
Power Tools 101
Making a Monogrammed Planter box - Saturday June 3, 17
Making a bench
Furniture Painting 101 - Chalk Paint & Milk Paint 
Plumbing 101

Before I set the calendar in Stone, I would like to hear from you !
If you are interested in a particular workshop, email me and let me know the date that best suites you !


Workshops are typically held on Saturdays or Sundays. 
Workshops can be held on a weekday, with a 4 person commitment.

Private workshops are available as well ! 
We do...
•Birthday Parties 
•Bridal Parties 
• Girls Day 
and much more  !!!

Email me & let me know ASAP ! 
I would like to have the calendar out by next week : )

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Chalky Patina Painting 101 - How to VIDEO !!!!

You asked for it and here it is...


Bluestone House™ "Velvet Patina" WALL Paint

Introducing ...

The Newest Member Of Our 

Bluestone House™ Family

Velvet Patina 

Wall Paint 

Available at

HomeSense !!!

You asked for it, So we made it !!!
We are so excited to be adding
 Wall Paint 
to our beautiful line of paint. 

We have launched in our 
NEW line of  "Velvet Patina " Wall Paint at 
HomeSense stores
Featuring 8 our fabulous colours. 
  • Barn Door 
  • Farmhouse 
  • Pebble Beach 
  • Nantucket Navy 
  • Beach Glass
  • Tuscan Teal 
  • Vintage Velvet 
  • Grain Sack
The size available is 1.82 l/64 oz and will cover up to 200 sq ft. 

We named it Velvet Patina because it is just that ! 
Sitting between a flat and eggshell, 
it's absolutely Gorgeous and washable too !!

Rolls on like a dream, covers like no other ! 
Creamy and Rich, soap & water clean up !

Changing the colour of your room - changes your attitude - changes your outlook - changes your life !

Finding the colour that moves you is easy with this exceptional pallet ! 

Beautifully Displayed 

After with using Barn Door!!

Our Wall Paint is also available through us directly, 
feel free to contact us! 

Friday, 2 December 2016

Painted Grout ?? !!!

With Bluestone House™ Chalky or Silky Patina ...

Yes You Can !!

Have you ever looked at your grout in either your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and thought it needed a change...but how??

Well that is exactly what one our Fabulous Painta's thought too?

She actually had two different colours of grout in between the tiles. So instead of trying to change the grout or the tile, she decided to paint it using True Black Silky Patina!

Yup you read that right! She painted her grout ! 
using our Silky Patina with one coat! 
Using a thin brush to get in the small grout lines, the True Black Patina covered beautifully. Once dry with a small sharp razor blade scrapped the excess paint off the tile......voila ! Done !




What a fantastic way to freshen up, 
update or  just change it up !!!
Good Job Patina Girl !!!
Visit bluestonehouse.ca for all your  
Chalky / Silky Painting needs, 
or for a retailer near you !

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Regard Sur le Passé

Regard sur le Passé  
is our Fabulous Retailer in  Ski Country !
Horseshoe Valley !
883 Horseshoe Valley Rd E Oro Medonte, Ontario
Visit their Facebook page here
With 2 Amazing stores that a person like me can 
just hang out for hours ! 
One is a Junkers Paradise - with antiques galore !!! 
The other has the most exquisite gifts and decor any Christmas shopper would luv !!!

 Here is Omer !

 And our Fabulous 
Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina Paint !!!

Yvette will be starting workshops soon as well !
Want to become a 
Bluestone house™ Fabulous Retailer 

Happy Painting !

Collingwood Home Hardware - Ladies Night !!!

Tracey asked me to be a part of the annual ladies event at her Home Hardware, in Collingwood.  One Beautiful store, I might add !
As anyone who knows me knows I just love doing these things. Showing women what they can do with my paint, and just how amazing it really is ... YES, I'm in !!! 

Doors open at 7pm, this is what 6:30pm looked like ...
Since becoming one of our Fabulous Retailers, Collingwood Home Hardware has become the the place to go for all your 
Bluestone House™ Chalk Painting needs !!!
They have everything, including brushes & 
fabulous finishing waxes !

Setting up for our big event !!!

Here is 6:40pm...
 Here is 6:50pm...

Here is 6:58pm...

There is no better way to demonstrate than actually painting something in front of someone ! 
I opted to demo on factory finished, kitchen cabinet doors.

That is always my #1 question...

Can I paint my cabinets ? , YES !
Can I paint my melamine cabinets ? , YES !
Can I paint over oil paint ? , YES !

 No priming, no stripping, no pre-sanding !!!

The display behind me (in the blue shirt with apron) is our full 
Bluestone House™ end cap ! 

A Fantastic night was had by all !!!
A very special thanks to Judy & Hailey The Fabulous Paint Gals !!!
Thank you Tracey for hosting such an Amazing evening !!! 
Happy Painting !!! 

Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina Paints are now available at a Fabulous Retailer near you !
see our retailer list here !

Monday, 12 September 2016

YES, I Painted My Fence !!!

This blog is from one of our
Fabulous Patinas Painters...

"I started with the gate...
Last summer, I decided to paint the gate to my yard. I loved the colour "Tuscan Teal" Chalky Patina. So I just did it !

Did you know that Bluestone House Chalky Patina is an indoor/outdoor paint !!!!
It Turned out Fabulous !

BTW these pics, above, are from this summer and it looks the same as the day I painted it !!!
I decided to paint the entire backyard fence!
Thankful my hubby was on board.
We all pitched in, even my kids !

This old backyard fence was not in good condition from the weather and wear from the snow, rain and sun. This backyard gets pretty much full sun all day. It began to look unpleasant. My husband tried to pressure wash but it made it look even worse.

Here are some before pictures.


Here you can see how its discoloured.

And not looking so great.


Let's talk about the prep work!
Well there isn't any!
Yup that's right, you read that right!
What you need is...

•Colour choice of Chalky Patina 

•Bluestone House fabulous paint brushes

And begin painting! This fence was only given one coat of chalky patina in "Driftwood".

Now let's see the progress! 

  Love how all the trees and greenery just pops out now!

 What a beautiful space. 
It makes the backyard look even bigger!

Here is a nice night time view, are you wondering if the shed door is painted with Bluestone House Patina Paint ??

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog.....

I am so Happy with my new fence !!
Thank you Bluestone House !!! "

Tanya Casalanguida