Saturday, 13 August 2016

Welcome Gananoque Home Hardware !!!

We are Happy to announce 
Home Hardware
in the Beautiful
Gananoque, Ontario
is now an
Official Fabulous Retailer 
Bluestone House™ 
Chalky Patina Paints, waxes & accessories !!!

 What a Team !!! 

The new home for Bluestone House™ !!!

Setting up our end cap in the paint department !!!

The beautiful colour "Ironwood" !
All set !!!

Visit the Fabulous staff at the 
Gananqoue Home Hardware, 
Paint Dept. to get your
 Canadian Made, Bluestone House™ 
Chalky Patina Furniture Paint,
 Waxes and Brushes !!!

Visit our "How to" here !

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Welcome Merrickville !!!

We are Happy to announce 
Windsor's Courtyard
in the Beautiful
 Merrickville, Ontario
is now an
Official Fabulous Retailer 
Bluestone House™ 
Chalky Patina Paints, waxes & accessories !!!

To all of our Patina Painters in the area, 
drop by and say hi to Diane ! 

Follow/Like her on Facebook here 
Follow/Like us here 

You can find this Fabulous place at
211 St. Lawrence Street., Merrickville, Ontario K0G 1N0
Windsor's Courtyard !

Happy Painting !!!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Divorce Chair !

Customer Testimonial...

Over 20 years ago, my husband and I bought a Muskoka chair to assemble.  Let me say, there were vast differences in how we approached the construction of this chair.  We bickered and fought all throughout it’s assembly.  At the end of this experience we nick named it the “divorce chair”.  It moved with us from our first house to the next one.

Over the course of time, it was worn and the paint was looking tired.  It needed a makeover.  Coincidentally we were going to the home show in Toronto and came upon the Bluestone House™ booth that sold paint for our project.  

I’m not a handy person, painting is foreign to me.  Always up for a challenge, I began.  The chair was slightly sanded.  I used the brush recommended to me by Pamela at Bluestone House™.  The paint was smooth, rich and showed no lines upon a single stroke application.  Perhaps it was the brush, which is made of natural bristle.  It made painting this chair quick and effortless.  The finished product was better than what we hoped for.  I called the paint excellent for the “painting for dummies”.  I would now look forward to “remaking” any piece of furniture knowing how easy and fast it was.
Looking back now at our “divorce chair” we can laugh, our nickname now for it is the “love seat”.  

Loraine Beraldo

The colour we chose, "Barn Door" in the Silky Patina !!!

Visit your local Official Fabulous Retailer  here  
or  shop on-line here

Welcome Huntsville Homehardware !!!

We are proud to announce 
Huntsville Home Hardware 
is now an
Official Fabulous Retailer 
Bluestone House™ 
Chalky Patina Paints, waxes & accessories !!!

Drop by for all your chalk furniture painting need.
They have all of our 27 Fabulous colours just waiting for your 
project !
Say hi to Christine !

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Upcoming Workshops !

Bluestone House™ hosts workshop's for those interested in learning how to create the French Country Shabby Chic look for your furniture with 

our Exclusive Chalky or Silky Patina Paint!

Costs: The fee of $120 will include use of all the paint & tools needed. 

Lunch and refreshments are also included.

Size: 6-10 people per course.
Coming up ...


Furniture Painting

Thursday July 14 - 9am 



 August 6 - 9am 

Please register by email at

I am also very happy to arrange courses for groups and parties on any day of your choice. 

Looking forward to painting with you!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Welcome Brampton !

 Welcome to "Stems" in Brampton !!!
Now an Official Fabulous Retailer of 
Bluestone House™ 


Drop by and say hello to Debbi ! 
Check out her adorable shop with some amazing pieces !
visit her facebook page to see all the marvelous things she does !

Funny Story ...
Debbi & I go way back. We met at the CHCH studio, back in the "CH@Home" days and have been friends since.
I have always admired her work.
She loves Bluestone House paints and has always sent customers my way. 
She called and said 
"why am I not carrying your paints in my shop  ?"

"I don't know - never dawned on me to ask" - lol !  

We both had a good laugh ! 

Thanks Debbi, now all my customers in Brampton have a local retailer !

Stems is at ...
25 Main Street N #B
Brampton, Ontario

Friday, 17 June 2016


We are looking for Fabulous Retailers 
and the word is out !!!
Spring 2016 has been very busy with 
New Official Fabulous Retailers 
of  Bluestone House™
popping up near YOU !!!

Get you Patina on at ...

746 Winston Road  905.643.9896

Besides our Fantastic Bluestone House™ Chalky Patina Paint line, Heather has wonderful furniture and findings of all sorts !
 Drop by & say hi !

4 Main Street East
Smith Falls
(613) 701-3354
Fabulous Shop with all kinds of beautiful things !!!

166 Raglan Street South
(613) 432-8300
Drop by & say hello to Christina !!!

Welcome Fabulous Retailers !!!

Stay tuned, there are more on the way !!!

If you would like to become a Fabulous Retailer drop me a line 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Making a Steel Door into a Barn Door ! CHALK STYLE !!!

What do you see??
Well I see a blank canvas, just waiting to be fabulous ! 
This is a steel door, just plain, no paint. Original from purchase. 
But looking at it "he" was calling my name....... 

Have you ever thought of painting a steel door in Chalky Patina? 
I did! happened!! 

It was very simple. Just like painting any piece of furniture. But...

How to choose a colour you think ?! 
Well for me it was easy. 
What colour would go on the Bluestone House which the house exterior is already our signature colour Bluestone. 
NOTHING better than Barn Door from our new spring Industrial Collection ! 
I know right !.... Barn Door on a steel door ! 
Amazing isn't it??  !!!
Once the door was given two coats of paint, he was ready to get distressed ! You do this the same way you would distress a piece of furniture. Sand away the chalk until smooth. And let the magic happen around the edges of the frame. Since I wanted to look like a old vintage weather door, I distressed a lot in certain areas. 
When you're doing this you have full control With the amount of distressing you want don't be afraid to give it your all. And if you find you did too much simply paint it again! 
You can't go wrong or do it wrong. 
Want to see what else is happening at the Bluestone House ? 
Well stay tuned for upcoming blogs !! 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

TSC & The Bluestone House™ Kitchen Facelift !!!

Want to Change your Kitchen  ?
It's official, this Thursday, Bluestone House™ will be featured on The Shopping Channel, with our Fabulous Kitchen Painting Kit !
Take you Kitchen from Ignored to Adored Like this ...


Monday, 15 February 2016

Chalk Pop-Up Workshop at The National Homeshow !!!

At Bluestone House™, we are so excited to be involved at the 

National Home Show & Canada Blooms this March, that we have come up with a Fabulous offer for you ...

National Home Show Presented by REMAX, Co-located with Canada Blooms
National Home Show, March 11-20 2016, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto 
We are going to be having a 
Chalky Patina Painting Workshops in our booth !

For only $35.00 You will receive...
  •  A complimentary ticket for the show
  •  A chalk painting workshop 
  •  A "Herb Crate" that you get to take home
  •  All paints & painting supplies included, for your use !

To see all our Fabulous Colours go to ...

Spaces are limited, so if you would like to attend one of our Fabulous Chalky Patina Painting Workshops and take home a
lovely "Painted Herb Crate" painted by YOU,

To register for one of the following workshops, 
email us at

Workshop schedule will be ...
Friday March 11, 2pm & 7pm
Saturday March 12, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday March 13, 2pm & 4pm
Monday March 14, 2pm & 6pm
Tuesday March 15, 2pm & 6pm
Wednesday March 16, 2pm & 6pm
Thursday March 17, 2pm & 7pm
Friday March 18, 2pm & 7pm
Saturday March 19, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday March 20, 2pm

Happy Painting !!! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bluestone House™ Silky vs Chalky

Silky Patina & Chalky Patina

What's the Difference ? 

Chalky Patina is Perfect for that 

French Country Vintage Distressed look that is so desired !!! 

Bluestone House™"Chalky Patina Paint" is the Best ! I know because I created it, after trying many different formulas. This unique product is not like anything else !
Chalky Patina has natural Canadian chalk minerals added to give you...
  • a matte chalk- like finish
  • incredible adhesion
  • amazing durability
  • no priming - no stripping - no pre-sanding
  • ultimate coverage
  • ultra low VOC's
  • can be sand distressed or wet distressed
  • virtually no smell 
  • 100% acrylic water-based paint  with Chalk !
  • soap & water clean up
  • little to no brush marks when drying
  • quick drying - re-coat the same day !
  • Canadian !!!
  • indoor / outdoor 
Chalky Patina usually covers in one coat - the second, if you choose to do one, is a light quick coat. Whites usually require 2 coats. 
The most amazing part about this wonderful paint is that because of the chalk, the finish is slightly rough,  and when sanded to smooth out the finish and/ or distressed, the paint crumbles away instead of scratching the piece, hence giving you a time worn appearance rather than a sanded one. 
Chalky needs to be lightly sanded to give you a smooth finish before using a topcoat. I always use our Signature Bluestone House™ Beeswax, as I find it is the best finish for durability and sheen. 

Silky Patina is Perfect for that French Country clean look !!!

Silky Patina is just that ! Goes on like with a silky smooth finish.
  • incredible adhesion to unfinished pieces
  • amazing durability 
  • no priming - no stripping
  • ultimate coverage
  • ultra low VOC's
  • virtually no smell 
  • 100% acrylic water-based paint
  • soap & water clean up
  • little to no brush marks when drying
  • can be rolled
  • quick drying - re-coat the same day !
  • can be wet distressed
  • Canadian !!!
  • indoor / outdoor 

Silky Patina is amazing on unfinished or porous pieces, but does require some pre-sanding on previously painted surfaces. Just a light scuff - NO STRIPPING.  Silky has no chalk in it at all ! It goes on very smooth and can be rolled as well. Silky requires a cure time. That means when you have finished your project & are happy with it - do not put anything on it or use it for a few days. Although it does require a cure time, it does not require a topcoat ! The finish has a lovely sheen comparable to an eggshell finish. Having said that, a clear varnish can be applied for extra protection. 
I always use our Signature Bluestone House™ Beeswax, as I find it is the best finish for durability and sheen.  

Which one should I use? 
That is totally up to you depending on the final outcome you are trying to achieve, how much use it will get & how effort you are willing to give.
Which one is better ? 
They are two entirely different products with different outcomes, the question is which one is better for you ? 

Are the colours the same ?
The colours are the same for both the Silky & Chalky although because one is matte and one has a sheen, they will catch the light differently and may look a little different.

please contact me if you have any questions

Thanks you
Happy Painting !!!